Monday, February 17, 2020

Donald Ayer: "Bill Barr Must Resign"

This seems wrong to me--but what do I know?
   More precisely: we seem to have entered a period of insanity in which both sides are bending the law and acting nuts. I'd prefer everyone adhere to it scrupulously. But if the Dems are going to cheat, then, given how insane they've gone and how destructive their policies currently are, I suppose I want the other side to bend the rules/laws to an equal and opposite degree. Which all just sounds like madness to me. But Ayer is still trying to ride the Mueller train to name just one thing. Which seems a little nutty.
   I'd like to get Trump out of there, because he does worry me a lot. But currently he's the only bulwark against the horrors of the other guys.
   I expect we might see it all in a different light when we hear from Durham. Trump may also turn out to be the least-crooked of the bunch. Which would, of course, be bad.


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