Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"Bring Back The Tomboys"

The worst thing about political correctness is the dishonesty. Driven by groupthink and a paralyzing fear of saying something un-PC that will lead to mass mobbing, progressives construct a web of fantasies and falsehoods and talk about it as if it were the real world.
   Here's a whole article on why there aren't many prominent fictional tomboys in mass culture ("underrepresentation" is, of course, another ubiquitous PC-ism). It mentions the re-forging of the link between femaleness and femininity. But it fails to mention one of the main obvious drivers of this: transgender mythology. Girls who are less overtly feminine are now likely to be brainwashed (by culture, their peers, and even their teachers) into thinking that they're "boys." The author blames "hostility to feminism"...but it's feminism itself that's to blame, having been an early-adopter of TM. But, of course, feminism is immune to criticism--unless it's "TERFs" taking fire from their left.
   Critics of TM have noted from the beginning that one of its many crazy consequences is that it reinforces "the sex-gender system." That's to say, it re-solidifies the links between maleness and masculinity and femaleness and femininity that old-school feminism sought to loosen up a bit. In fact, it comes damn close to making boy=masculine and girl=feminine (re-)definitional truths.
   This is an obvious--and sound--criticism, though I tend not to mention it much as a matter of principle. One of the main drivers of progressive insanity is that the left refuses to accept any criticisms coming from the right. It also refuses to accept criticisms to the effect that its dogmas are simply false. So leftists don't seem to care that transgender mythology is false, nor that it's harmful to men and boys--it's much more likely to listen to, say, feminists arguing that men in women's restrooms is dangerous to women. This is an extremely important driver of crazy on the left, and so I tend to refuse to work around it by emphasizing lefty criticisms that lefties are more likely to listen to.
   Anyway. Same old stuff.


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