Saturday, February 29, 2020

"Blowing The Whistle On The Administration's Coronavirus Incompetence"?

Larison, like so many others, has apparently lost his mind about Trump, and seems incapable of discussing anything about the guy objectively. Which doesn't mean that this isn't right, of course. Honestly, so much of what I hear about the handling of such things seems jaw-droppingly half-assed--e.g. the account of events in The Hot Zone. When I read that thing I almost could not believe the account of events in Reston. How is it that trained professionals could be so incompetent and stupid? A group of untrained, intelligent, reasonable people could have done better if you just handed them some hazmat suits. The woman thinks she may have exposed herself to Ebola...but talks her superiors into letter her skip quarantine and go home because she doesn't want to be away from her family. She risks killing them and everybody else because two weeks in quarantine would be unpleasant.
   Progressives shrieked about racism and xenophobia when Trump shut down travel from China because of course they did. Though it seemed to me that it should have been done sooner. The account on the other end of the link, if true, seems consistent with other idiotic stuff I've read about. You could make up better protocols on the spot. It just makes no sense. Though: I don't see how it's supposed to be Trump's fault.
   Anyway, after reading that, my attitude has switched to: incompetent as we apparently are, there's no way we'll contain it. So get ready to deal with the pandemic, I guess.


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