Thursday, February 06, 2020

Bloomberg: Unlike We Elite Sophisticates, The Rubes In The Midwest Don't Believe That Men Become Women By Putting On Dresses

These people are unfuckingbelievable.
   No matter how patently false, no matter how unscientific, no matter how outright absurd, no matter how obviously fad-driven their beliefs, their confidence in their intellectual and moral superiority is never shaken.
   I'll bet the rubes in the Midwest also refuse to believe that war is peace, that freedom is slavery, and that ignorance is strength.
   And: this isn't really a disagreement about individual versus collective rights. Unless you mean: it's a disagreement, in part, about whether those who refuse to believe contradictions can be compelled to say that they believe them anyway...
   And: you've got to be pretty thick to think that the left is more committed to individual rights than the non-left. The vanguard of the progressive left mocks the very idea of rights, you halfwit halfling. Jesus Christ, read a book or something.
   The fact that the rubes in the Midwest refuse to immediately believe outright contradictions merely because their progressive better tell them to speaks well of said rubes. There's not a shred of intellectual autonomy left on the left. Hence the memes:
   Perhaps the most telling part is when Bloomberg says that you have to separate people by sex in prison. This is, basically, doublethink. When it really matters, you have to bow to the facts. But when it doesn't matter in such a stark and consequential way...then you can pretend that your bullshit progressive mythology is true...and ridicule the rubes for not being sophisticated and well-educated enough to believe such utter nonsense.
   I continue to think that transgender mythology is the clearest and most telling instance / representation of the madness of the contemporary left. There are plenty of other instances / representations of it...but that one is just so damn clear and simple. Any political faction that can adopt such a patently insane orthodoxy, immediately implementing a material contradiction as unquestionable dogma, and then exercising such effective mind-control over its sheeple that they screech in horror at the mere suggestion that the outright contradiction might possibly not be true...Jesus Christ. That faction absolutely, positively cannot every be allowed to get anywhere near the levers of power ever again.


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