Friday, February 21, 2020

14-Year Old Girl Brainwashed By Transgender Mythology; Court Prevents Father From Intervening In Her Medical Mutilation, Threatens Him With Jail If He Refers To Her As 'Her', Prevents HIm From Even Speaking About It

Um, look. This is where the American left wants us to go. It's where we're currently headed. The more power the Surrealocrats have, the faster we'll get there. Trump--God help us--is what mostly stands between us and this kind of insane cultocracy. It's not enough that they want the power of the state to reach down even into the family--and that they're willing to force parents to comply with this abject bullshit cooked up in the women's studies department last Tuesday... Their ultimate goal is to prevent people from even voicing disagreement with their madness.
Well...their ultimate goal is, of course, to prevent people from engaging even in thoughtcrime... But controlling speech is both a means to that and the best they can do for now.


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