Thursday, January 02, 2020

Trump's Accomplishments Have Largely Been Acts Of Common Sense That Basically Show How Ridiculous The Ruling Elites Have Become

I've been thinking similar things myself:

   Antipresidential as his conduct may be, his policies have been generally reasonable so far as I can tell. Enforcing immigration laws, for one thing. Preventing people from gaming the immigration system for another. His actions on immigration have been reasonable, whereas the Democrats have lost their goddamn minds about the subject. Trump won just by doing some fairly reasonable things. And we all won as a result. Other things aren't so clear to me--e.g. the travel ban still seems like a bad idea to me--though not an insane one.
   Perhaps one of the things driving the progressive elite crazy is that Trump is so clearly right about so many prominent issues. I kinda doubt it. Their hatred seems too visceral, too irrational. Take Trump's alleged racism. Not a single one of the things progressives point to was actually racist. They tend to selectively edit the quotes in misleading that suggests that they do know they're wrong. OTOH, their anti-racist hysteria seems genuine...I just don't think you can fake that kind of wild-eyed frothiness.
   I mean funding localities to catch up on the backlog of rape kits for chrissake… This is a freaking no-brainer. I've raged for years about this. It's nuts. As someone asked on Instapundit: why didn't anyone do this before?
   Space super cool idea...but hardly a no-brainer. I have no idea whatsoever whether that's a great idea, an ok idea, or batshit crazy.


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