Sunday, January 19, 2020

The MSM Controls The Discussion To Promote Progressivism: The Boog And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Race Nor White Supremacists

I currently think that merely seeing through the deceit of the mainstream media would be enough to redpill a very large percentage of more centrist people on the left. This isn't an isolated case. It's very similar to what they did with Pepe the Frog, and with Gamergate. Here's what they wrote on Friday:
For weeks, discussions about the rally have lit up Facebook pages and chat rooms frequented by militia members and white supremacists. Various extremist organizations or their adherents are calling Monday’s rally the “boogaloo.” In the lexicon of white supremacists, that is an event that will accelerate the race war they have anticipated for decades.
To be clear, this is bullshit.
   Of course it's possible that some white supremacists latched onto this terminology, but I kinda doubt it. But who knows?
   'The boog' is a joke from /r/WeekendGunnit. Which I frequent. And which is, IMO, approximately the funniest sub I've ever seen. It's all a big joke. The entire sub is dedicated to shitposting. Such as this shitpost:
And this one:
And, oh, hell, this one:
Alright, alright, one more:
These are mostly boog-related, though that's basically accidental. There are other shitthemes on the sub. But whatevs. 
   The NYT wants you to believe this is about a white supremacist race war. Instead of obvious shitposting. Other progressive bullshit-outlets have said that the term 'boog' is a racial slur. 
   My God, these people are ignorant liars. If you're still being manipulated by them, it's probably largely your own fault.
   In actual fact, 'boog' is from 'boogaloo'...which progressives also desperately want to be racist. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is about on the level of CNN's "the hacker known as 4chan." In fact, 'boogaloo' is short for "Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo." Which, you see, is what we on the interwebs call a goddamn joke. It has nothing to do with racism, nothing to do with white supremacy, nothing to do with anything serious whatsoever. Again: it's a goddamn joke.
   It's a joke about something serious--the totalitarization of the left, and its clear intention to begin taking our firearms away...but it's still a goddamn joke.
   It is, of course, possible that some white supremacists have picked up the phrase. And that's the progressive MO: if one bad person has latched onto something, even post facto...etc.etc.
   And, of course, no deviation, no matter how minor, from the progressive orthodoxy will be tolerated. And humor is, of course, verboten. And anything characteristic of men is evil. So this is all right out before guns even come into it... Iconoclastic humor that aims to undermine the sanctimonious bullshit of progressivism is waaaay too heterodox, way too politically incorrect, way too dangerous, and, let's face it, way too male to be allowed to survive in the brave new world of the bleeding-heart Orwellians. 
   You'd think progressives would get tired of the MSM manipulating the shit out of them... But eventually one must conclude that they are either dense or eager to be manipulated.
   And, of course: this is just one tiny bit, one tiny fragment, of the massive, complex, multi-layered manipulation in which the MSM engages. This should be below their radar, for the freakin' love of God! The fact that this even registers, and they are willing to expend space and time and energy to try to distort it... Seriously, dude. That's scary as hell. They cannot let one single shitposting subreddit escape their web of manipulation and deceit and control. If this doesn't alarm're wrong.


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