Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Progressive Delusions Great And Small: The Covington Kids

This was a small one.
   But, I think, extremely telling.
   It's a tiny little, largely self-contained, object lesson in contemporary progressivism.
   I called it as soon as it came out, and I've gone over the appalling details before. And Soave does a great job of the same.
   In short, the most astonishing thing about all this was the ability of the progressive hive mind to look right at black and hysterically proclaim it white white WHITE. One thing Soave doesn't mention: the comments section of the WaPo. Insane, delusional, spittle-flecked comment after insane, delusional, spittle-flecked comment, almost every one proclaiming that Sandman and the other kids were obviously horrible--because little Trumps--and deserved punching, and there could simply be no doubt about it... Their race was emphasized over and over and over: punchable white boys with punchable faces, filled with mythical "privilege," and therefore deserving of violence and ruination. Some put out calls for college admissions officers to covertly deny them admission in the future. Seriously. These are kids we're talking about!
   And this, of course, isn't an outlier. That's just progressivism. That's what it is at its core. We see these same traits manifested over and over and over again, in cases big and small. It's Russiagate. It's transgenderism. It's the same unhinged hatred and denial of reality over and over and over again.


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