Tuesday, January 21, 2020

David Harsanyi: "Never Trump" Revisited

I wasn't a conservative in 2016 (I'd say I'm still not, but whatever), but, other than that and other minor differences (e.g. I'm not a "pundit"), this basically describes me and my attitude toward Trump.
   In '16, I thought Trump was beyond the pale--maybe even the end of everything. In retrospect, that was TDS. I mean the second thing. He is beyond the pale... Like Harsanyi, I had no idea how respectable Trump's actual policies would be, nor how crazy the left would go, nor how quickly. Or, rather: I knew the crazy left was already off the scale; but I thought the Dems would keep them at bay. Somehow it hadn't sunk in how far left the Dems had already gone, and I in no way expected them to capitulate so quickly to the crazies. And it never in any way occurred to me that they could so flip their shit as to perpetrate Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and the impeachment fraud. I mean: they could turn out to be right about the latter two--but even if they are, their actions have been...dare I say deplorable? Or so it seems to me currently, anyway.
   Anyway. Aside from the trade stuff, about which I have and deserve virtually no view, Harsanyi might as well be describing me.


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