Thursday, January 02, 2020

Carolina - Villanova Rated Greatest College Hoops Game Of The Decade

So of course they put a picture of d00k at the top of the article...
This all sucks because:
[1] We were ripped off in the Nova game by perhaps the worst officiating I've ever seen in a college game. Some of Nova's actions were, furthermore, less than noble.
[2] The second-ranked game in the list is d00k-Butler...which also ended on a final-second shot...but, of course, d00k won that one.
[3] The Nova game also puts me in mind of the other game that comes to mind when I think about shittily-officiated Carolina games: the 2012 game in the Dean Dome in which the officials absolutely handed the game to d00k in the final three minutes. Like absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, handed them the game. Which ended with that little turd Austin Rivers--who referred to his habit of travelling before every drive to the basket by shifting back and forth from foot to foot as "my signature move"--hitting the game-winning shot. The difference between the d00k game and the Nova game was that the officiating in the latter was shitty throughout the game. In the former, it was concentrated in the final three minutes. Twitter was going absolutely apeshit about the officiating in the Nova game--and it wasn't limited to Tar heels. Neutral fans were also incredulous. But it all evaporated, as such outrage usually does, after the end of the game.

   Man, that '16 team was great. Probably my favorite Carolina team of all time. They deserved to win it all.
   Now, it's true that Carolina was the beneficiary of a terrible call against Nova on their way to the '05 championship. And something no one ever seems to talk about is that we benefitted from what seemed to me like a fair number of questionable calls against Illinois's bigs in the final game. That was a great Carolina team, but it was also a lucky run IMO. It's not like we haven't had our share of bad calls go our way. And in a way, the '05 championship was Roy's most important, I think--it got the monkey off his back. So I suppose you could say we're even in a way. Too bad Rashad McCants ended up losing his mind. Dude could ball.
   But it doesn't alter the fact that we got ripped off in the two games I'm bitching about above. Usually I can just shrug it off, but those two still burn me up. At least the d00k game is widely acknowledged to be a ripoff--there's a supercut of the bad calls on YouTube. I've posted it before, but I'm too lazy right now. But the shittiness of the officiating in the '16 championship has disappeared down the memory hole.


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