Monday, January 27, 2020

Biden Tries To Outwoke The Competition

By pandering to transgenderism.
   This is why the Dems are now unacceptable. It's not about their frontman. No matter who it is, they will have to bend the knee to the various insane progressive orthodoxies that are now non-optional on the left. And that includes (a) giving up on biology and reality, (b) insisting that everyone else do likewise, right down to compelling (nonsensical, to boot) speech, and (c) working to enforce this bleeding-heart Orwellianism with the force of law. That is: working to complete the left's project of eviscerating/revoking the First Amendment.
   And: Biden is supposed to be the moderate Democrat. But the most moderate Democrat now wants to force us all to accept an outright absurdity that, ten years ago, would have been laughed out of the room. And of course: we don't know which additional absurdities will be insisted upon by this time next year--but we can be sure there will be new ones. Because the logic of the left dictates that no extremism is ever extreme enough.


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