Tuesday, January 21, 2020

ADL Progressive Bullshit: The Boog

Wow, they did actually manage to get this mostly right...until, of course, they pull the now-standard progressive move: "some" "white supremacists" have allegedly adopted x, ergo x is now TEH RACIST!!!!!11
Here's a laughable bit toward the end:
Care must be taken when evaluating boogaloo-as-civil-war references, as some people—even those in extremist movements—still use the phrase jokingly, or to mock some of the more fanatical or gung-ho adherents of their own movement.
"Some" people "still" use the phrase jokingly. Similar to: Care must be taken...some people still use the OK sign to mean OK!
   How many actual white supremacists are there in the country? Or "white nationalists"? As opposed to autists who shitpost on subs like /r/WeekendGunnit? A miniscule number, that's how many.
   But, as the saner side points out a lot: the demand for white supremacy radically outstrips the supply.
Of course the ADL could have easily said something true: lots of people joke and mostly-joke about the boog. Virtually none of them are "white nationalists," nor racists, nor do they actually want a civil war. But progressivism gets more and more insane by the day. And sanctimonious horseshit begs to be made fun of. And, honestly, by this point one has to wonder exactly how insane progressivism is might get. Because it gives no sign of stopping. The boog's a joke...but, obviously, it's dark humor. Because it's not exactly 100% clear that progressivism is going to let up on the crazy. So it's not exactly 100% clear that it'll all remain a joke forever... Recognizing that is not equivalent to wanting it to happen. How dense does one have to be not to understand that point?
   Honestly, how can anyone take progressivism seriously anymore? It virtually can't get any more ridiculous. They've managed to turn conservatives into the sane, level-headed ones. How the hell do you manage that?
   Remember, these are people who think signs saying It's okay to be white are the very height of racism.
   Keep pretending that anyone who disagrees with your insanity wants civil war...or you might just manage to start making it true.


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