Sunday, December 29, 2019

"We Support Jussie"

There are close to 40 people in this picture:
So...not one of them had the bullshit-detector that God gave a goose? Not one of them even thought he or she should suspend judgment with respect to a patently, laughably false story? 
Of the five or ten most significant facts about contemporary progressivism, here's one: early on, it works to disable people's bullshit-detectors. Why? Because it can't survive otherwise. Unlike centrist liberalism, centrist conservatism, and libertarianism, it isn't a view that has a lot going for it. Or, rather--some of it's early, fairly low-grade insights may have some natural appeal. But it's so extreme and loony in its most prominent current manifestations that it can only appeal to people who have been primed by having their rational faculties dulled. Once you disable someone's bullshit-detector--or at least decrease its sensitivity--you can put a lot over on them. Add in tribalism, groupthink, noble cause corruption, and fear of ostracism and, can get people to believe the absolute craziest shit.


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