Sunday, December 29, 2019

WaPo Editor: Trump Wants Press Percieved As "The Opposition Party"

You think this is Trump's fault?
   You think Trump is the guy who...what? just made up the idea that the press is biased against Pubs in general and him in particular?
   Trump's largely--though by no means entirely--full of shit. (He also speaks un-PC truths in areas where most people fear to tread.) But the MSM is biased as shit. Anyone who observes it objectively should be able to see that. As for its fact-checking: I don't consider it entirely worthless, but I just consider a "fact"-check by the Post to be another Post article. Maybe a little less overtly biased...but pretty much an expression of the Post's view. Sometimes they proffer useable evidence that Trump has lied, sometimes not. I do think they're probably being on their more-or-less best behavior in the Fact-Checker...but their more-or-less best behavior turns out to be not all that good. Some of the shit they say there is just unbelievable crap.
   In conclusion: the Washington Post is basically the anti-Trump/anti-GOP opposition. That is: it's basically a mouthpiece of progressives/Democrats. I'm sure Trump wants that to be the perception...but it should be the perception. Because it's true. I check in with the Post occasionally...but God, it's just awful. I don't understand how the once-great paper has come to this. Well...TDS is a helluva drug. I guess I do--sorta--understand.
   Of course the other possibility is that it's always been like this, and I was just too benighted to realize it before. I suppose my guess is that it's six of one, half a dozen of the other. I have no doubt that I was more locked into the leftist mindset than I realized. And it wouldn't surprise me if I were exaggerating the Post's awfulness now. But there's no doubt in my mind that the Post is very, very far off the beam of rough objectivity.


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