Friday, December 13, 2019

VA Dem Suggests Deploying National Guard Against 2nd-Amendment Sanctuaries; Mark Herring Says Something Dumb

Whelp, this may be one VA Dem shooting his mouth off. Or it may be still more evidence of the totalitarianism of progressive Dems. We went from Hey, nobody wants your guns, we just want some common-sense gun control legislation to WE'RE SENDING IN THE TROOPS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS in, politically speaking, the blink of an eye.
   Mark Herring. I can't believe I voted for the guy. But that was back before I lost my mind got red-pilled. Actually, I'd say: before the Dems lost their collective mind and went full lefty. In actual fact, it's probably a combination of all those things: illiberal progressive lefties took over the Dems = the Dems lost their collective mind / I got red-pilled / this combination has caused me to flip my shit a bit. Or a lot. Who am I to judge?
   Anyway: you really kinda have to be an idiot to put responsibility for this on "the gun lobby." "The gun lobby" has little to do with this. If anything is ever a "grass roots" phenomenon, this is. There's no role for the goddamned "gun lobby" to play here! Dems proposed a radical, nutty bit of legislation that anyone could have predicted would cause an uproar. We seem to be talking about confiscation here. Who, where, is dim enough not to realize that this is utterly cracked?
   And now: talk of using the Guard to enforce the thing.
   My prediction: the next bill from the VA Dems will mandate quartering of the National Guard in private homes while they're here trying to take our guns.


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