Thursday, December 12, 2019

"Trump's Wednesday Twitter Rage Set [sic] New Record..."

Jeez that guy's pathological.
   Though, to be honest...he's right about a lot of it. The Dems are nuttier than he is, and the impeachment's a joke. But Jesus...if you can't exhibit at least a tiny bit of self-control about such insanity, you really can't be president.
   I reckon this is the Dems' strategy. Their case is pathetic. Public opinion is turning against them. They may be responding to the loony demands of their left wing--or this may be a tactic to drive Trump over the edge. The more pressure they put on him, and the more unjustly they treat him, the less self-control he's able to muster. And the more obvious it becomes that he has no business in the Oval Office.
   Mostly what's happening is that both sides are demonstrating, with unusual clarity, that they have no business being in power.


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