Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Trump's Page's "Fake Orgasm" Is Fake News

Same bullshit, different day.
I saw this storm of stories about Trump imitating Lisa Page having an orgasm...and what really burns me up is that I kinda sorta almost believed it. The part of my brain that actually learns from induction knew better--that is, knew that somehow the story was bullshit. But Trump is Trump, and I haven't quite got it into my head that basically nothing the MSM says about him (or anything else they have a stake in) can be trusted. I watched the clip as soon as I could...and, the bullshit interpretation having been implanted in my mind, I almost sorta bought it as a plausible interpretation. But, of course, Trump is not faking an orgasm. Jesus Christ, people. Get a goddamn grip on reality. Stop post-f*cking-moderning every damn thing he says. This has gone way beyond spin to just outright pathology. He's obviously doing a hyperbolic shtick about passionate anti-Trump conversation between the lovers. And the pattern we see over and over and over again is:
   Trump does something embarrassingly, humiliatingly unpresidential...the press and the progressives (but I repeat myself) lie about what he did or said, spinning something kinda bad into something gross and/or crazy and/or otherwise completely beyond the pale. Then, of course: I read the loony bullshit of the MSM, sometimes even almost believing their bullshit...then go find out what really happened...and what Trump actually did ends up seeming less bad than it would have if I hadn't semi-expected something so much worse.
   The progressive left and its henchmen in the media are helping Trump more than they're hurting him with people like me. I'm starting to kinda actually want four more years of Trump because I don't see any other hope of weakening the stranglehold that the cult of progressivism has on the rest of the culture and half our politics.


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