Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Trump v Psychology

Yet another case in which, as nutty and possibly dangerous as Trump is, IMO he's less nutty and dangerous than his opponents. There's good psychology--but it seems to be mostly isolated to the more scientific sector of the discipline, the cog sci sector. Clinical psych...especially psychoanalysis...hoo boy. Nutty. And politicized to boot. Maybe they're right about Trump--I mean, they're right that he's a nut. But their more specific diagnoses sound like psychobabble to me.
   And don't forget: these are the people who are going to be determining whether the government can "red flag" you and deny you your Second Amendment rights. Psychology has a fairly extensive history of assisting the totalitarian left.
   Anyway, my inclination is to think that Trump's less nutty than this batch of shrinks...but OTOH, this batch of shrinks isn't the president...


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