Thursday, December 12, 2019

OD Dems Appear to Cave On Gun Confiscation...Suggest Sweeping Registration Requirement Instead

Right.'s our completely insane plan...oh, people revolt against it? Ok...we're willing to's our merely loony plan instead... What?! You don't want to compromise?! Extremist!
   There are difficult issues here. I've certainly never been able to figure them out. Modern high-capacity semi-automatic weapons wreak havoc in the wrong hands. Though the vast majority of them are never put to any such use. Most criminals get their weapons illegally. It's not clear that restricting the rights of responsible gun-owners will accomplish much. But we all have an interest in keeping them away from people who are bad and crazy. Though the vast majority of gun violence is not of a kind progressives care to talk about. It's certainly not done by the law-abiding rural gun-owners progressives despise and seek to control.
   I was willing to try out the Clinton-era "assault weapons" ban. I was also glad to see it go. I'm open--in principle, and in the longer run--to reasoning collectively about firearms, and, perhaps, to further restrictions.
   But not now.
   The newly-radical Dems have shown that they absolutely cannot be trusted--on these and many other issues. There's no way I'd even consider further restrictions right now.
   As the grim joke goes among internet firearm folk: the Dems deride our resistance to more controls by derisively repeating their "Nobody wants your guns" mantra as if we were stupid and paranoid. Then, as in the OD, when they get control of the government, they turn on a dime to GIVE US YOUR FUCKING GUNS, REDNECK.
   VA's Dems, at least, have demonstrated that they can't be trusted. Not now, at the very least. They tipped their hand--again. We know what they really want, ergo we know what registration is a way-station to. Why would a government want to know who has the firearms, one wonders? Hmm...a real puzzle, that...
   And don't forget the overall logic of the left: leftward, ever leftward. Pause only when you don't have the power to push further. Start again as soon as you can. Slowly if necessary, by leaps and bounds if possible.
   And, again: it's not as if this is the only crazy thing they're doing. We're talking about a left that wants to undermine the First Amendment--not to mention the Fifth. So long as that's happening, it's just nuts to acquiesce to weakening Second Amendment protections.


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