Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Nathan J. Robinson: Pelosi Must Go Because She Thinks The Progressive Left Is Crazy--And That's Evil

   Ha ha! What kind of person thinks the progressive left is crazy? Ha ha! I mean...how could anybody think such a thing?
   Pelosi was wrong about the Iraq war and related issues like CIA torture.
   The rest of Robinson's essay is just nuts. Not stark, raving, howling-at-the-moon nuts--just nuts. Y'know: nuts like the progressive left is nuts. Socialism / Green-New-Deal / open-borders nuts. The kind of nuts that can put together coherent sentences and give the superficial appearance of sanity nuts. Faculty-lounge in the lit-crit department nuts. The really insidious kind of nuts.
   Pelosi hasn't distinguished herself in the last few months. She was, IMO, doing great before, opposing this cracked impeachment fiasco. And if she really is still dedicated to opposing the progressive left, then any of you all out there who still have some faint hope of salvaging the Democratic party had better get behind her and start sending money.
   Me, I've given up on that hope.


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