Monday, December 23, 2019

MSNBC Guest: Interviewing White, Midwestern Trump Voters Is Racist

It's not exactly what he said--but it is what it basically boils down to. The curlicues are irrelevant.
Furthermore, when progressives and the media just repeat the same basic shit over and over and over, the central pattern, which is independent of any idiosyncratic efforts to blur its edges, becomes perfectly clear. To a large extent they're just riffing on a theme. That's the way pomo progressivism works. The basic theme is: everything you do is racist, whitey. The free-associative curlicues, the improvisational jazz, the riffing...all that stuff is really irrelevant. Except insofar, I suppose, as a pattern emerges there, too: harping, hectoring accusations of prejudice can and should be wedged in everywhere.
   We don't live in a racist country full of racists. We do live in a country in which a monomaniacal cult has taken over the culture and much of society. And the obsession of that cult is racism, racism, racism. It's really, of course, an ever-expanding cluster of related obsessions about prejudice--racism, misogyny, and all the rest--new ones being added as they, too, become trendy. But racism takes pride of place. It's the prime and paradigm obsession.
   Look, this is psycho. A lunatic obsession with racism may be less-bad than actual racism. But that's setting the bar way, way too low--and we don't have to have either. A crazed cult has taken over, and it can't STFU about its own idiosyncratic conception of sin. Most people I know would hit the roof if the righties took control of education and universities and the media and publishing and everything else and turned sin into a national obsession, reengineering whole institutions to root it out. But the almost-equally-fantastical lefty obsession with racism...they either just go along with it or they actually believe in it all.

   It goes without saying--but, see? one has to say it anyway...that there's racism in the USA. About ten percent as much as progressives insist there is, I'd guess. Even if there were half as much, you'd predict that we wouldn't be the destination of choice for...well...everybody, regardless of race. Actual surveys of actual white attitudes show not all that much racism. At any rate, the evidence is absolutely undeniable that there's far, far less than the left wants there to be. But since progressives have to insist that racism is absolutely off the scale, of course they're wrong about it. When your beliefs about such a thing are driven by virtue signaling rather than evidence, there simply can't be any cap on your wild accusations. America--white America--is filled to overflowing with racism and every other kind of prejudice beloved of the left! It's a handy and vicious way of saying whites are bad. Or, at least: whites who refuse to submit to progressivism are bad. Whites don't typically hate or disdain blacks; progressives do typically disdain and/or hate whites--their vocal vanguard does, at any rate.
   Most importantly: the progressive view of race is absurdly false.
   But also: it's harmful. It's rather like the climate-change case: in addition to everything else, they're falsely telling kids that the world is going to end. Seriously, what kind of monsters do such a thing to kids? In the race case: blacks are brainwashed to think that their countrymen hate them and that they are constantly, often undetectably being discriminated against--even murdered for their race. Whites have to put up with a steady drumbeat of false and scurrilous accusations, and the whole fucking mess is a disaster for domestic tranquility. And, again: when you look at actual numbers, black violence against whites dwarfs white violence against blacks. If the progressive theory of race were a factual theory rather than a religious commitment, that fact alone would just about sink it.
   The progressive view seems to be: you can never have enough racism. You've got to keep pouring it on. Progressivism basically doesn't believe in truth anymore--but it also doesn't give a damn about the psychological harm being done by its beloved mythology.
   Of course one can say: you're only talking about the leftmost edge of progressivism. Most progressives don't actually agree with the vocal vanguard.
   Of course the reply is: if that were true, they'd criticize the vocal vanguard. But they don't. Progressives' refusal to criticize their extremist left--basically no matter how insane it becomes--signals a kind of agreement with it.

[One other obvious thing: many of us don't react well to such bullshit. I've always been concerned about racism...but am probably less concerned about it now than ever before. That's not merely because it's less common now--in fact, it's mostly because it's hard for me to keep things properly in focus in the face of such lunatic hectoring. The more absurdly the problem is exaggerated, the less seriously I'm probably going to take it. Ideally, the crazy people's screeching would have no effect whatsoever on my attitudes...but that's just not the way it actually is.]


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