Sunday, December 29, 2019

Michael Moore: White Guys Who Voted For Trump Are Not Good People--Be Afraid Of Them

This view is clearly widespread among the progressive vocal vanguard.
How widespread is it in general?
I'm guessing: pretty widespread.
   At this point, there's virtually no chance of me voting for the blue team regardless of who their frontman is. It's that whole end of the spectrum that's flipped its shit. I doubt even Obama or Kerry could save them now. But will I vote for the red team? Well, I swore not to after the recount debacle of '00-'01. Then I swore not to again after they lied us into Iraq. But talk is cheap, no? And the left is now dangerous as hell. Will I vote for Trump? I'd say that currently there's somewhere around a 50/50 chance. Antipresidental + good policies + not a swamp creature...vs. an Orwellian cult.
   So what's my point? Yo, it's my blog. Since when do I have to have a point?
   Oh yeah: even if I do vote for the guy...I'm not sure I'd put a Trump sign in my yard. First, JQ put up with a lot, but that may be a bridge too far. I expect our front yard to be a neutral zone this election cycle. But even if that weren't so...and even as loud-mouthed as I am...I'm not sure I want anyone knowing I (hypothetically) vote for that guy without hearing at least a 5-minute explanation. Because I'm way under the impression that the nutty Trump-supporter=racist equation is extremely widespread on the left. I do not think it is by any means isolated to the vocal vanguard.


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