Saturday, December 21, 2019

Matt Karp: "Is This The Future Liberals Want?"

   I force myself to occasionally read Jacobin, despite the fact that it not only doesn't help to even me out, it strengthens my conviction that the left is dangerous as hell. All the sneering at Obamian technocratic centrists makes me fervently hope that the Jacobin crowd never gets the future it wants. Not that they're liberals, of course. Which is kinda the point of the article.
   And how is it that anybody could/would endorse the characterization Jacobin of himself? It's kinda like having a magazine called Nazi! Or Better Homes and Gulags. Nobody could get away with characterizing himself as a fascist...but nobody bats an eye when someone says he's a Jacobin or a communist. I've even known people who call themselves Maoists. Crazy man. Why this left-right asymmetry?


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