Friday, December 20, 2019

"Lawfare" Blog Founder Admits Nunes Was Right All Along

This is huge for many reasons.
   First, background: I've been saying that, if conservatives turn out to be right about Russiagate: Origins, that's game, set, match, tournament, and whatever comes after tournament. Progressives and the blue team (but I repeat myself) should close up shop and live out their days in a Tibetan monastery or something. Well...the Horowitz report seems to have come pretty damn close to vindicating the conservative view of things.
   Second: That the Nunes memo--widely and viciously derided by progressives and the media (but, again, I repeat myself)--turns out to have been right on the goddamn money is basically just another way of saying: conservatives were right.
   Third: that the founder of Lawfare, for chrissake, admits this is just about an end on it all.
   Fourth: That the Lawfare Executive Director, Susan Hennessey, is still asserting that "There was no Russiagate collusion hoax" is...well...just a kind of depressing icing on the cake. This is the greatest bit of progressive reality-denial since Amanda Marcotte's (on-going) refusal to admit that there was no rape in the Duke lacrosse rape hoax. (And has she ever admitted that there was no rape in the UVA/Rolling-Stone rape hoax? I don't think so...) Note that Hennessey doesn't even say that there was no Russiagate hoax...she says specifically that there was not Russiagate collusion hoax...a much more ambitious claim...which cannot in anyway be defended.


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