Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Has Feminism Been Bad For Us?

Well, possibly, anyway.
   This is pretty short and superficial, but they're some pretty well-known and plausible ideas.
Of course there's virtually no way to get most progressives to think objectively about feminism. They basically think that feminism is about the equal moral worth of the sexes. And if that were true, then it would be good. Or, more precisely: when that was true, it was good. But that's not what feminism has been about for a long time. Or, more precisely: feminist are so obsessed with feminism that they've basically expanded it until the equal moral worth thesis is, at best, a tiny fragment of the thing. 'At best' because misandry has been rampant in feminism for, well, most of my life, anyway. There's feminist epistemology, for chrissake. It's not good--but it exists. There's quite a lot of it, in fact. This radically expanded feminism has something to say about almost everything--and the vast majority of what it has to say is wrong. I have learned a thing or two from feminism. But the vast majority of the things it convinced me of turned out to be laughably, harmfully false. Like the rest of strident leftism, its a train wreck. Again: aside from the occasional worthwhile insight.
   Also like the rest of leftism (one needn't actually add 'strident'...its redundant), its main problem is its dogmatism--criticism of feminism from outside feminism is...well, it's not even quite right to say that its assumed to be evil. That it might not be evil isn't something it's possible to consider. Anti-feminist = evil. Even non-feminist = evil. Criticism from within feminism is permissible--but only if its from a leftier version of feminism. That's part of the logic of the left--and why that train always goes off the cliff.
   I don't think anyone thinks that women oughtn't have the same kinds of career and life choices men have--ignoring the ones that aren't biologically realistic. Feminism's error in this regard seems to have been insisting that women must not want the things many women do want--roughly, a traditional home life. Not all women want that. But there's fair evidence that many do. Instead of just working to make other options available, feminism basically tried to rule out the option that women have, very likely, evolved to want. Like the rest of progressivism, feminism went bad when it abandoned centrist, reformist liberalism and became a kind of radical, anti-human repudiation of everything traditional. Instead of: hey, you don't have to be traditional, it turned into: tradition is evil and you are a fool if you're duped into preferring it.
   Undoubtedly there are insights even in the defective, radical, contemporary version of feminism. But there's at least as much bad in there as good.

Relatedly: here's something really, really, really stupid: "masculopathy". Man, the left looooves making up stupid words. They're like a bunch of teenagers hooked on inventing bad slang. Apparently "toxic masculinity" is tres passe.


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