Sunday, December 22, 2019

Fox News Bullshit Now A Welcome Respite From The Pervasive Bullshit Of The Progressive-Media Complex: Melania Trump Edition

Well, actually this isn't bullshit at all.
   Conservatives have been commenting on this for quite awhile now. The progressive-media complex poured fourth a torrent of adulation for Michelle Obama for...well..from before Obama was elected until he left office--and ever since as well. So let's round down and say: a decade. And now there's at least some loose talk of nominating her for president. Basically, its the love fest lovier than which none can be conceived. Apparently she was on the covers of major magazines like 50 times. Everything she did and everything about her was the greatest thing ever.
   Melania Trump, however, is noticed by the PMC only to be viciously ridiculed. She was a model--but, I'm led to believe, has been featured on zero relevant magazine covers since Trump was elected. I've seen several things about the White House Xmas decorations--which, honestly, look cool as hell to me--and all the ones in the PMC/MSM are derisively critical. ('Catty' is the term that comes to mind for many of them. Interesting...)
   Look, this isn't some huge deal on its own. But its not on its own, is it? Its a kind of small, telling sample of a pervasive phenomenon. The progressive bias of the media is so decided and ubiquitous that, even in what ought to be a fairly nonpolitical slice of things, it's viciously partisan through and through.
   The bias of the conservative media is almost welcome now, to my mind. It's a respite from the nonstop leftward bias of...absolutely every other damn thing everywhere in our very, very stupid popular and middlebrow culture. Even sneery Laura Ingraham is like a breath of fresh air:


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