Monday, December 23, 2019

Did Biden Just Lose The Election By Saying He'd Sacrifice Blue-Collar Jobs For A Green Economy?

Probably didn't help.
   Politics aside, it's the kind of thing I now think the left is wrong about, and the kind of thing climate hysteria generates. I'm very much in favor of moving toward cleaner energy. But as I understand the question, it's largely about losing jobs by stopping fracking. And I'm led to believe that fracking is what's made it possible for us to rely more on natural gas and less on coal and oil. So for one thing we're talking about taking a step backward--or so it seems--in order to be...what? Energetically correct? But, second, a premature and/or politically skewed/driven movement toward different energy sources that costs jobs is purchasing an uncertain, possibly-not-worth-it potential benefit at a real and significant cost. Giving up jobs is, I now tend to think, the kind of thing you only do if the benefits are clear and more-or-less certain. And then, of course, there's the geopolitical cost.
   My current view--not an uncommon one--is that progressives have been misled (we could say: brainwashed) about the likelihood and harms of climate change, and that has a couple of extremely harmful effects. First, it makes them botch calculations of this kind--they're willing to made bad tradeoffs. Second, of course, they are adding a bogus dollop of doom and gloom to the psychology of everyone who buys their tall tale--mostly young people, it seems. I actually have a little bit of sympathy with the overwrought melodrama of the mean green tween. Nobody's quite stolen anyone's childhood in this respect...but they've added a completely unnecessary source of stress. The odds that we're a decade from an "existential" tipping-point are...well...low.
   There's not really any sense in bombarding kids with this stuff, anyway. Nobody thinks kids need to be obsessing about the deficit, for example. Funny. Funny that progressives control education, and it also turns out that kids need to be brainwashed with the bullshit that older, wiser folks aren't so much buying--e.g. climate hysteria and gender mythology.
Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted...
Well this post sure went to crazytown fast....


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