Saturday, November 23, 2019

Where To Go For Objective Analysis About The Trump/Dems Political War?

I'm kinda at a loss. I trust Jonathan Turley. Also, Reason doesn't like either side, so they can be pretty good...though it's not really their kind of thing. In particular, I trust the Volokh conspirators...but they're a microcosm of's not their thing. There's some good stuff at The Hill, IMO. I do find good stuff at Legal Insurrection...but they're obviously not vaguely neutral. Aaron Mate at The Nation did about the best Russiagate reporting and analysis that I know of--so props to The Nation for that, whatever I might think about their other stuff. I tend to think that I can sift better stuff out of the right-wing media than the left-wing media currently...but there's some of my own bias in there driving that judgment, undoubtedly. OTOH, objective data shows that the left has radicalized--and IMO radicalization is nearly equivalent to a loss of objectivity. So I guess there's that.
I dunno, man. I'm kinda at a loss.


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