Sunday, November 03, 2019

Still More Propaganda Pushing Race Nominalism

   Lysenkoism drives people absolutely batty. They just cannot let this go. They just keep rehashing the same fallacious arguments over and over and over again. It's bloody pathological. It's always the same incoherent mishmash of: the continuum fallacy, Lewontin's fallacy, some kind of straw man to the effect that the only way races can be natural kinds is if there are exactly five of them that are exactly like the ordinary American view of race....and, of course, some crucially ambiguous term like 'socially constructed' that allows equivocation as necessary. Oh and, of course: the occasional dark suggestion that believing races to be natural kinds makes one a Kloset Klansman.
   Race nominalism is driven by left-wing politics, not philosophical or scientific reasoning. And left-wing politics has basically become a religion. Progressive anthropologists are no more going to give up insisting on race nominalism than Christian theologians are going to give up on the trinity.
   In actual fact, races are natural kinds, with the major groupings being pretty much like the ordinary person thinks they are--plus a whooole lot of sub-groupings and sub-sub groupings. Of course the boundaries are fuzzy--but thinking that means the kinds aren't real is the continuum fallacy. Of course the fact of such real biological groupings has nothing whatsoever to do with any view about superiority or inferiority. That's a completely different set of ideas. Rational people keep different ideas separated. PC leftism--a variety of irrationalism--holds that scientific questions cannot be separated from their imagined political consequences...which is, of course, why science must bend the knee to politics. That's a cornerstone of the primitive, prescientific PC/progressive worldview. Which is too big a can of worms to open here.


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