Friday, November 22, 2019

Sondland: Advantage, Blue Team?

There's way more than reasonable doubt about his story, but this seems to have turned into a somethingburger.
   I have to say, it sounds pretty implausible to me that everybody would be in on such an obviously wrong (and illegal?) caper...and that they'd risk so much to "get" such a weak, precariously-placed frontrunner. When said frontrunner is 77 and his health seems dicey. And his own Ukraine troubles may come to light on their own.
   Anyway...seems like we've mostly got Sondland's reports of his own inferences at this point. Given the anti-Trump hysteria loose in the land, I'm kinda skeptical. The front page of the WaPo every morning looks about a half-notch away from declaring Trump to have been proven guilty...but the facts never quite support their prima facie message/attitude.
   I'm too busy to pay close attention to what's going on, and I stopped paying for the Post on principle, so now my access to it is less convenient. So I really just can't tell what's happening. I get the sense that Trump's being railroaded by the Dems and the media, but it also seems that more than a few pieces of an at-least-plausible picture are on the table. Seems an awful lot like Russiagate thus far--long on accusations and Orange Man Bad, short on proof.
   I don't see any alternative to wait and see.


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