Saturday, November 23, 2019

Peter Nicholas: The Most Laughably Charitable Take On The Steele Dossier And Fusion GPS You're Ever Likely To Read

Just wow:
  Some important assertions in the dossier remain unconfirmed. No pee tape has surfaced, nor is there any evidence that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague during the 2016 campaign to meet with Kremlin officials and discuss payments to hackers, as the dossier alleged. Fiona Hill, who served on the National Security Council and is the author of a book about Russian President Vladimir Putin, testified in a recent closed-door impeachment hearing that the dossier was a “rabbit hole.” She said it’s possible that Steele might have been “played” and fed “misinformation” by Russian sources. Hill, who left the NSC in July, is scheduled to publicly testify in an impeachment hearing today.
   Still, Simpson and Fritsch argue that the report was accurate in its warnings about Trump’s conduct and Russia’s willingness to undermine Western democracies....
"Some" important assertions in the dossier "remain unconfirmed" the utterly f*cking loony pee tape allegation. It "remains," you see, "unconfirmed." Also all the other important bits. They, too, "remain"...and here one feels as if they were straining not to include 'thus far'..."unconfirmed"...
   But, y'know, they got some stuff right about "Trump's conduct"... Like...for example...what? A vaguer claim could hardly be claimed. Also something no one ever doubted: "Russia's willingness to undermine Western democracies." [my emphasis]
   My God. It just will not die. Progressives just will not give it up.
   They live in a web of myths and fantasies. By comparison, Trump--Donald Trump--is an icy-eyed realist.


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