Sunday, November 17, 2019

Matt Welch: Democrats Are Conjuring Up New 'Rights'

The First, Second, and Fifth Amendments are, needless to say, anachronistic and need to go. You have no right to freedom of thought, let alone speech, let way alone self-defense, bigot.
But you apparently do have a right to change your physical characteristics merely by saying so, to "free" college, to live in somebody else's neighborhood whether you can afford it or not, live close to work? Seriously? Where do they come up with this shit? There's really not much further to go, and they show no sign of slowing down. Soon enough they may discover a right for other people to live in your house. Which...blows right past the Third Amendment, actually. Loopy tyrannical government: it's not just for quartering soldiers in your digs anymore...
I swear to God the Democrats did not used to be insane.
Why is everybody acting like this is normal?
We are way, way, way beyond $%&@ing normal. At some point even progressives are going to have to acknowledge the giant jackass in the room. And I don't mean Trump. Different jackass completely.


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