Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Is E-Verify Ineffective?

Well, Politico says so. But,'s Politico...
Also, as one commenter points out: the argument of the piece largely depends on evidence from states where its use isn't mandatory.
On the one had, this provides part of another argument for more border barrier.
Politico argues:
   E-Verify simply does not work. Its systematic design flaws make the program destined to fail. Congress has never seriously debated E-Verify – its reauthorization by this November provides a golden opportunity to reexamine this program in light of all of its failures. Fixing the legal immigration system by allowing more low-skilled workers on temporary visas and green cards will remove the need for E-Verify entirely. After all, if workers can come legally then they won’t come illegally.
   That’s the only way for Congress to permanently fix the problem of illegal immigration. In the meantime, Congress should scrap E-Verify, stop pretending the system could ever work and go back to the drawing board.
That's way too hasty, and in line with Politico's general bias. They certainly don't establish that E-Verify can't work, especially if it's mandated nationwide. Nor do they in any way show that more temporary visas and green cards are the only ways to fix the problem--not even close. But it's one option worth considering--and it's in no way inconsistent with more border barriers and/or E-Verify.


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