Saturday, November 23, 2019

Horowitz Investigation Expected To Find That Genesis Of Crossfire Hurricane Was Defensible

Another nauseatingly blue-biased story (red team concerns about the origins of the probe were concerns about a "conspiracy"...a theory about a conspiracy, I suppose one might say... ). But I hope it's right, of course.
   As I've been saying: if the red team is right about this, too...this, the most extreme and unlikely of their suspicions...on top of everything else they've been right about with respect to Russiagate would be game, set, match, tournament and whatever comes after tournament. If they're wrong, this is kinda like they're less nutty, less-obviously-insane, mini-Russiagate. The "deep-state coup" theory has always been pretty damn unlikely--not as unlikely as the Trump-the-Roosky-spy theory--but still pretty nutty.
   So, if Horowitz has, indeed, found that Crossfire Hurricane was not prompted by an intentionally-misused Steele Dossier, some small degree of balance will be returned to the Force. Though...I don't think the Post ever actually said that was the finding... The Steele Dossier could have been misused, but there still could have been an evidentially sufficient predicate for the investigation.
   Anyway, to be clear, if this story is accurate, it would seem to undermine the craziest extension of the origin-of-Russiagate theories--to wit, that this would all lead back to Obama. I've never thought that was vaguely plausible, as probably goes without saying.


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