Saturday, November 02, 2019

George T. Conway III: "Unfit For Office:"

"Trump's narcissism makes it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires."
I say again: criticize the real Trump, not the straw-Trump fever dream of howling progressives.
And this...does seem like a legitimate criticism of the real Trump to me.
It's overblown, and there's significant bullshit and cheating at fact, significant chunks of it just have to be thrown out. It also, frankly, seems more than a little obsessive.
Furthermore, it's easy to find progressive shrinks willing to say just about anything about Trump.
But...even given all those things...even were we to throw half of the thing's a pretty good accounting of the things about Trump that those of us who think he's unfit for office think make him unfit for office.
Conway's wrong to insist that it's undeniable that Trump is incapable of doing the job. But that's his obsessiveness (or whatever it is) talking. The point, IMO, is that we have plenty of reason to think that he simply isn't up to the job. We certainly can't be sure that he won't do something dangerous or catastrophic. And that's enough. IMO anyway. That guy just shouldn't be anywhere near actual power.
And look--I think Conway's cracked for thinking that Trump is a sociopath. But just forget that part.
It's the seeming narcissism that is most striking.
Of course I think we face a choice between a loud-mouthed, narcissistic con man who might incinerate us all...and a high priest of an illiberal, antirational secular cult to be named later. Eh...the priest is TBA...we know the cult. Oh and: said priest will sweep thousands of deacons and acolytes and minor cultists of various kinds into the bureaucracy with him...or her...or xir. As I've said many times, I don't know which is worse. And it freaks me out that so many people I respect seem completely blind to the insanity of the cult. Sometimes I feel like I'm among the pod people.
But none of that means that the idea of Donald Trump as president doesn't freak me the @#%& out. Because it does. It does.
OTOH, as I've said, it matters that his policies are not bad...and often good. And have turned out to be way better than what we can expect from the cult.
But anyway...
At least this Conway piece, for all its hyperventilating and hyperbole, is generally criticizing the more-or-less real Trump. And that's scary.


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