Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bullshit Watch: Tyler Anbinder: "Trump Has Spread More Hatred Of Immigrants Than Any American In History"

The fact that the formerly great Washington Post would even print such utter bullshit provides some measure of how far it's fallen. First and foremost: an essay on immigration that basically refuses to acknowledge the distinction between legal and illegal immigration simply can't be taken seriously. Not to mention one pushing such a brainless and scurrilous charge. There's really no reason to go beyond that point. Trump has said over and over again that he pro-legal-immigration--as is virtually everyone. If you have to lie about that point, you don't have an argument. This sort of bullshit is one of many reasons to think that progressives favor open borders--they covertly classify opposition to illegal immigration as opposition to immigration tout court. By simply refusing to recognize the most important distinction in the discussion, they clearly indicate that they consider immigration laws illegitimate--to have and enforce immigration laws is to be anti-immigration. To be against illegal immigration is to be against immigrants. These aren't small errors. These are massive, obviously, consequential sophistries that make the essay utterly worthless. It's propaganda. It doesn't merely fail to support its conclusion, it provides yet more evidence--as if we needed it--that progressivism left reason and logic far behind.
   It's barely even worth mentioning Anbinder's repetition of the "all Mexicans are rapists" libel--though Anbinder leaves out the "all" and settles for falsely asserting that Trump said that "Mexicans are rapists." He adds a new twist on another lie, claiming that Trump "calls...Latinos...animals." Were we as sleazy as Anbinder, we could say: this shows that he thinks that all Latinos are members of MS-13... There's also this not-even-amazing-by-this-point bit of bullshit:
And he argues that even the U.S.-born children of recent immigrants — if they are part of ethnic, religious or racial minorities — are not real Americans, as he suggested when he tweeted that four congresswomen of color should “go back” to “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”
There's just about nothing accurate in that paragraph.
   I didn't even finish the thing. It's appalling.
   If you have a case of any kind, you have no reason to rely on such outrageous sophistry.


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