Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Bernie Sanders' Immigration Plan: What Happens On Day 2?"

This seems reasonable to me.
I'd more concerned about the expansion of DACA and TPS than Lester is, but I'm sure he knows about 1,000 times more about it than I do. And I'm all for making the system more humane--though I disagree that Trump has made it inhumane.
   I agree that an end to deportations would be insane. (Lester says something weaker than that.) And bringing in "climate migrants" is total lunacy--two insane progressive causes intersecting. Presumably those are people who have been displaced by AGW...of which we could identify about zero currently, and for however long a Sanders administration might last.
   To my mind, the main point is a bigish-picture one: the Dems have succumbed to progressivism, and progressivism is committed to basically taking down all barriers to immigration. The particular contours of Bernie's plan doesn't matter all that much--we know that the goal will basically be increasing mass immigration, both legal and illegal.
   It barely matters who the Dem candidate is going to be. We already know, basically, what the platform is going to be like. And if you look at it at all objectively, you should be able to see that it will be disastrous. You may think that Trumpo the Clown is worse--that's largely a "judgement call." But if you don't see how daft the Dems have become, you're missing basically the biggest political development in a generation.


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