Saturday, November 16, 2019

Barr's Comments To The Federalist Society

Historically, of course, I haven't been to wild about the Federalist Society...but since the radicalization of the Dems, they look like saviors now. I've also never been naturally inclined toward a more powerful executive...but I don't know enough about it to deserve an opinion. Barr's comments are extremely interesting...but see previous comment. He's certainly right about the contemporary left, though.
   Apparently progressives were up to some of their antics outside, dressing up like their favorite teevee shows, giving out bitchy "menu"s, and playing Christine Blasey Ford's testimony on a jumbotron...which I guess means they can watch it more than once and still believe it...which...freaky...
   I might not agree with the Federalist Society about a lot, but at least we're still playing the same game, living in the same world, working for the same general ends. They may be wrong, but at least they're not nuts. Sad days when that's something to be grateful for, but here we are.


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