Saturday, November 02, 2019

Antifa Are Terrorists / They Attempt To Terrorize Andy Ngo

Those are pictures of Ngo's face they're wearing as masks.
   Look: you can't reason with people who'd do something like this. And it's not as if this is the only grotesque, bizarre, insane thing they do. We're talking about a political faction that's adopted a bunch of ideas and principles and goals and modes of reasoning that constitute something like a deranged collective mind. They're already pushing for totalitarian laws where they think they have a chance to pass them. They use social pressure based on heinous false accusations...well, basically as their main and most beloved tactic. They use physical violence when/where it's tolerated by the authorities and they can get away with it. And now they've basically decided to emulate horror movie psychos.
   These are not normal people, they're not good people, they're not exactly sane people. I expect that there's no effective way to oppose them that doesn't involve at least a certain amount of defensive violence. To be clear: using offensive violence is right out for all the normal, sane, civilized reasons. But many people are also often hesitant to use violence even defensively. You-all may need to get over that.


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