Friday, November 22, 2019

Adam Serwer on Stephen Miller's Alleged White Nationalism

Not very good.
   Lots of allegations, almost no quotes at all. Repeats some lies and might-as-well-be lies about Trump. As for outright lies, there's "Trump wouldn't rent to black people." Tantamount to a lie is the suggestion that advocating the death penalty for the young men involved in the Central Park jogger rape/assault/attempted murder was racist. (Lurking behind that lie is the lie that they were just innocent kids.)
   Serwer is a hack, of course, and the case he makes against Miller is laughably weak. That Miller has a partially-Jewish background doesn't even slow him down--he dismisses it as evidence against his thesis in one sentence.
   Maybe there's a case to be made against Miller. But Serwer doesn't make it.


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