Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Second Phone Call Suggests Possible Trump Shenanigans

The Post is a propaganda organ for progressivism at this point, giving a wildly spun version of events at the Democrats' entirely one-sided show trial...or show pseudo-trial. But this pattern--carefully-selected though it is from the available mass of dots--doesn't look good. I can't tell what to think really because the process is so rigged, and the media is so partisan. I guess all of this is supposed to fire up the base and persuade the uninformed...but what it means for me is that evidence that might convince me were it the output of a good procedure (and objective reporting) is, instead, suspect to the point of being almost valueless. The rightosphere's version of what's going down is exactly the opposite of that of the leftosphere...but the latter includes the mainstream media, so its megaphone is an order of magnitude louder.
   What we're getting is an extremely partisan spin on a carefully-selected subset of dots, and we're being told that we need to connect them in a pre-determined way. The diagram that emerges from that isn't nothing...but any such diagram has to be viewed with extreme skepticism. Until we get fair hearings and an objective investigation, I gotta say, I'm not sure any of this, bad as it sounds, ought to persuade us.


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