Sunday, November 10, 2019


This sum is so vast that it almost doesn't mean anything to me. 
Also, I understand nothing about health-care policy.
Those reasons alone are reasons not to support such a plan. Though also reasons not to vehemently oppose it. But this is a reason: it's a $52 trillion pig in a poke. I'm not trading my private health insurance for that. What I have now is pretty damn good. And I absolutely will not gamble with it on the off chance that this boondoggle might possibly turn out to be better than pretty damn good.
I reluctantly semi-supported Obamacare, but said: ok, but that's it. I'm not supporting any more huge-ass government programs. It hasn't even been ten years, and now we're told that the program the Dems begged us to support is crap. So what we need is a shit-ton more of the same! An even YUGER one!
I could be convinced to change my mind. But I don't think anyone should support such a thing without seeing some heavy-duty arguments for it. Honestly, it seems unlikely to me that very many people understand the situation well enough to make it rational to support something like this.


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