Thursday, October 31, 2019

Obama Busts on Progressive / PC / SJW Madness

My read on this is that he's trying to make the point as minimally as possible, while walking on eggshells. He's sticking to some inoffensive tropes familiar to and popular on the (at least older) left: don't be so judgmental...the world is full of ambiguity... But also: you should get over it right away.
   Of course one of my fondest hopes is that Obama should come out as enthusiastically I'm not objective. But I think I kinda have a feel for the guy, and I think what he said indicates that he largely knows what's what. My WAG is that he doesn't want to say what he has to say when it might help out Trump. But it's in there. And some day it might even come out. But, then, I've always thought that the guy was more of a centrist than many people think he is.

[Also: the criticism "that's not activism"...that's the kind of BS that PCs are likely to take seriously. It's a left-friendly objection because it doesn't criticize the content of the thing. The important criticisms are from their right, and they simply don't accept criticism from their right. It's a kind of criticism from the left (where "activism" is always good)...but a content criticism from the left would tend to move them even farther in that direction. It's also a criticism of means not ends--also acceptable to the left. ]


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