Thursday, September 19, 2019

Warren Wants To End The Electoral College System

They've all lost their minds.
   At this point, it's looking like there's virtually no chance I'll be voting for the blue team in 2020.
How in the hell did the Dems turn crazy enough to drive me off when Donald freaking Trump is the alternative? I've voted for the Democrat in every presidential election in my entire life.
   This is virtually incomprehensible to me.
   Keep pushing Dems... At this point I'm just going to be sitting the election out. You get about two ticks crazier, and I might not sit it out.
   And if I'm thinking this, then there's one helluva lot of other people thinking the same thing.
   [Oh, and reparations and tearing down Confederate statues to boot... Nice. I'm actually torn on both those issues, but it's getting damn close to the point at which I'm tempted to say that if progressives are for it, maybe I need to be against it...]


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