Thursday, September 12, 2019

Transgender Converstion Therapy Linked To Psychological Distress

So why is this sort of therapy considered permissible by the cultural powers that be, but conversion therapy that aims to turn homosexuals heterosexual is out? Sexual preference has to be a lot, lot easier to change than sex...which is, after all, completely impossible to change at our current level of technology. People have been modifying their sexual preferences largely by force of willpower for, well, ever... As just about anyone who's monogamous can testify. You could try saying that their preferences don't change, they just control them. Certainly that's a lot of what happens, but not all of it. Another part of the phenomenon involves just directing your attention away from temptation, which is, basically, diminishing your own desire for sex with other people.
   Not saying that gay conversion therapy is a great idea--don't have an opinion on it, really. Though mostly I'd rather that everybody could be happy with who they are (within reason) in that way. Just saying that, as is so often the case, our cultural overseers have an inconsistent position.

[Looks like Reynolds and everyone else got this backwards; it's alleged that trying to get people to accept their sex (i.e. their biology) is what's alleged to cause the harm. Which is much less plausible--but, hey, could be.]


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