Sunday, September 08, 2019

"Straight Pride" Parade Is TEH WHITE SUPREMASY!!!!

Because, of course, everything is.
   A "straight pride" parade is silly. (Though so's a gay pride parade, actually...) The group that organized the thing is called Super Happy Fun America. And Milo was the grand marshal. Look, that's just funny, I don't care how you look at it. Antifa, the totalitarian Marxist-anarchist gang, showed up and physically attacked people. Because that's who and what they are. AOC is raising money to defend them...because she, too, is against the First Amendment.
   Behold, the contemporary progressive left. There's just no way to pretend this is the fringe anymore.
   Of course the thing had nothing to do with "white supremacy." That's just the new automatic screech that leftists emit when others don't do as they demand. Look, call it "homophobic" if you least here some minimal case to be made for such a charge. But "white supremacist"...that's just laughably stupid.
   And: funny how only actual white supremacists were white supremacists five years ago...but now everything is. What's more likely? That suddenly everything transformed into white supremacy? Or that a stupid terminological fad has swept through the intellectual and moral desert of the extremist left...which we already know to be addicted to linguistic fads? I suppose you could say: everything's always been white supremacy! But the crazy left just noticed! If you were completely delusional you could say that, anyway...
   First everything was racism. Now everything is white supremacy. It obviously won't stop there, because the left is addicted to this kind of terminological foolishness. As I've asked before: what next? Everything is slavery? I don't see why not. The paleo-PCs were actually a bit more radical in this respect--they used to say that everything they were against was "(a kind of) genocide" or "(a kind of) rape." Maybe the NPCs will take up that quirk again.


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