Saturday, September 07, 2019

Republicans (Could) Pounce!

Anti-Trump forces worry that the fact that the Dems have lost their minds might work to the advantage of Pubs.
I'm in favor of some versions of some of the things the newly-nutty Dems are advocating--e.g. some efforts to keep the population from exploding. (Africa is most threatened, of course.) I don't think you absolutely have to be a nut to think that we should consider trying to do something to reduce the threat of overpopulation. But when that idea shows up among people who sound a lot like totalitarian wackos, it's going to be (justifiably) suspect. I'm against inhumane factory farming, too...though not enough to significantly affect my meat consumption...because that's the kind of guy I am, I guess. But in every case what I want is for us to start thinking about acceptable solutions or ways to mitigate the worst problems without going totalitarian. Maybe that makes me a wacko, too. I'm willing to take such arguments seriously. I'm sure I am a wacko about at least some things.


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