Sunday, September 29, 2019

Portland Bans Urinals "To Respect Shared Values" (???); Cost: About $200,000,000

Whelp, Parker is right that none of this stuff makes a damn bit of sense.
He's also right that, if we really did face an imminent climate apocalypse, this would be even more idiotic than it already is. But not so much because of the wasted water--more for the wasted money, which could have been used for anti-apocalypse purposes. If, y'know, we did face an ecopocalypse. Which we very probably do not.
Nevertheless, almost any use of the money would have been better than this use of it, since all this did was make people's lives worse...and set the stage for making them much worse in the near future. I'm already not all that wild about having to use the can next to guys. This brave new world, mandated for, basically, superstitious reasons, is some bullshit.


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