Monday, September 09, 2019

Peter Wehner: "Trump Is Not Well"

This hits reasonably close to the mark, IMO--though it's marred by significant TDS.
It includes some of the standard canards--e.g. that Trump mocked a disabled guy's disability. That, like "All Mexicans are rapists" and Some Nazis are good people is clearly BS.
   And I have no idea whether Trump should be classified as mentally discombobulated. But he shouldn't be president. It does become difficult to distinguish extreme epistemic crapitude from mental illness. But either's sufficient to make someone unfit for the presidency.
   Of course the problem goes from bad to unsolvable when the other side has lost its mind and says patently crazy things routinely and with a straight face. The Green New Deal is bad science fiction, and if 1/3 of it were implemented, it would destroy the world. And haven't they all said they support it at this point? Our only hope is that they're lying. The blue team has so lost its mind that an overt, gibbering con man with a screw loose now counts as a viable option.
   So...I think Wehner's basically right. But let's not ignore the other half of the horrible, depressing picture.


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