Tuesday, September 24, 2019

More Dems Back Impeachment Amid Reports Trump Ordered Ukraine Aid Frozen

The Dems have lost their minds, of course, and many of them are committed to impeachment regardless of the facts...but the initial reports do sound pretty freakin' bad. Impeachable? Well, that's a pretty loose category, as I understand it. Anyway, sure sounds like it to a layperson. If, indeed, politics played any role at all in any of Trump's decisions about Ukraine...isn't that an outrage?
   OTOH, as I only realized during the Clinton email scandal, and now say over and over: we do need to know what standard practice is like. I'm basically just assuming (and hoping) that this sort of thing simply isn't done. If I'm wrong about that, it does change things.
   It does sound like Biden and his son are involved in plenty of shady dealings. It sounds disgusting, actually. But, again, to some extent it does matter whether this is just the way things work. And, of coruse: Trump and Biden may both be toast. In which case: Warren or the like, God help us. My nightmare is Warren/Beto.
   OTOH, to some extent we're talking about something like a blind boxing match--or slapfight--between a party that's lost its mind and another that's...kind of disappeared. Aside from Mitch McConnell, I can't really tell you what the GOP is up to. Maybe they're just hunkered down behind Trump, thinking--as I've begun to think--that he may be our only hope against the insanity that's infected the Democrats. Sadly, I know few Democrats who seem willing to withdraw support from their tribe/team. To some extent we can thank Trump for that--he could almost drive almost anybody to the other side, almost regardless of how bad the other side is. But to some extent, political commitments are just subject to inertia. If the things the Dems are currently saying aren't enough to cause people to flee, I'm really not sure what they could say that would be. Perhaps people are hoping that some semblance of sanity will return after the primaries. Or perhaps just: Trump makes walking away unthinkable.
   Another, perhaps even scarier, possibility is: half the country actually thinks that socialism, the Green New Deal, transgender ideology, open borders and nationalized health care are good ideas. I can't even seriously contemplate that possibility this early in the morning.
   Anyway, though I detest the tribalism of politics, and I tend to lean on rules and procedures when things get crazy, and I will absolutely stick to that in this case...and though I'm absolutely on board with Trump being impeached, if appropriate...and convicted if appropriate...to some extent impeachment is, apparently, a political matter. That's not cynical, throw-away, pomo BS--it's something I've heard experts say. And, the way things stand now...in a political brawl between the Dems and the Pubs...I don't see how I can back the Dems. I hold out hope that they'll return to sanity one day...maybe, just maybe, even in time for the election. But if that miracle doesn't happen, then they need, IMO, to be kept as far away from power as possible. I don't see how people who backed Obama on policy grounds in '08 can deny that--Trump's policies are much closer to those than the newly woke/nuts Dems.
   Of course there's good reason to believe that impeachment will help Trump. I still tend to hope that the Dems and Trump will destroy each other in an impeachment battle, and we'll end up with, say Pence--conservative but sane. And it's not impossible that everyone will hate the PC left so much by 2024 that there might be some kind of return to normality.


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